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We are Ray Wilson and Judy Kahle. On June 7, 2012 we were on our way for a vacation when we had an accident involving our truck, toy hauler

and trike. The front wheel of the trike was in our Condor and the back was strapped down with chop blocks under the back wheels. The truck and the trailer

turned over on its side, but the bike was still just as it was put in the trailer when it was righted. The truck and trailer were completely destroyed and later

we found out the bike frame was broken. We cannot say enough about this product as it certainly does what it is suppose to do and that is to keep

your bike where you put it. We have a new trike and have our Condor, which survived the crash, in our cargo trailer ready to use at a moments notice.

Just wanted you to know of our experience with your great product.

No question wanted to say thanks for keeping my rides safe. 3 trailer chocks and over 5k miles not one problem hauling my rides. I made a video for you showing 2 busa's and a GSXR750 traveling through the Dragons Tail in my enclosed trailer with your chocks. Thats 318 turns in 11 miles, not one problem. Unfortunately the camera wasn't as dependable as your chocks so it didn't turn out...

- Sonny Brackeen


I first saw your Pit Stop at my International Motorcycle Show a couple of years ago. I thought it was awesome. So when I had to move to COlorado, I knew I needed a Pit Stop to haul my FJR-1300. It was just great, and worked like a charm. Thanks for making it."

Scott Schwen

 Golden, Co

While traveling in South Texas last January I was involved in a situation that could, or I should say would have been tragic, if not for your CONDOR Wheel Chock. I was pulling a small cargo trailer behind my fifth-wheel camper, when a vehicle pulled up alongside and motioned towards the back of my rig.

I stopped and went back and discovered the tongue had snapped and all I was pulling was a 3 foot section of the tongue. Making a long story short the trailer was about 2 miles back down the road. It didn't hit any other vehicles (we were on a 4 lane Hwy) and came to a rest on top of a guard rail. Inside the cargo trailer was a brand new Custom built chopper motorcycle. It was still intact in the CONDOR Wheel Chock, I could have kissed that Wheel Chock!!!


-Paul Olson
Webster City, Iowa


I trailered my custom Dyna Wide Glide out to Sturgis this summer. When I arrived and opened my trailer, I found my bike lying on its side, with a severely dented gas tank, a broken mirror and handgrip, and some other scratched chrome. I couldn't enter it in the bike show. I bought a Pit Stop at your booth in Rapid City. On the way home, I ran into a deer in Pennsylvania. The impact was hard enough to blow the airbag, and mangle the front end of my Suburban. I thought for sure the bike was a goner. But when I opened the trailer door, the Wide Glide was sitting there just as I'd left it. I'll never use anything but a CONDOR. Thanks,

-Will Collins, Baltimore, MD



We spoke at the NYC show: 
"I purchased the Condor Trailer Stop device and have to say it's fantastic.  It works exactly as promoted.   It's solid, easy and makes storing or trailering your bike safe and easy.  I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to make their riding life easier!  "  
Just remember its so  easy you'll forget to put the bike in neutral to roll it off! 
Tim. Kirwan



13 June I need your help on this. I am leaving for 2 weeks on the 24th of June. If you can ship so that I receive the product before then it would be great. If not, it might be better to stall the shipping si it does not arrive while I'm away. Is that possible? Thanks Steve Dean 14 June Good morning Steve, We can ship your order out on Friday.If that ia a problem please let us know. Theresa 19 June I received the wheel chock today. That's fantastic service. Thank you so much for getting out quickly. In addition, I can't tell you how happy I am with this product. It works with absolute perfection on my H-D FLHTCUI. I'll certainly recommend your company and products to my biking friends. Thanks.



Just wanted to say thank you for your prompt shipment of the Pit Stop, it arrived yesterday as promised and has already been assembled. Once again thank you.
Mark Givens
Bristol NH



Thank you so much for your prompt response! I was able to speak to a representative of your company yesterday morning.She advised me that the delivery date was 12/13. When I returned to my home, my delivery was weiting for me. I am equally as impressed with your product today as I was the day I elected to purchase it. Representatives of your company provided me with accurate information and were prompt an addressing my questions regarding my delivery. I can't wait to put your product to work. Thanks Again.
Tom Heilman



Just a note to say I love the new Condor wheel chock.It takes the labor of parking my Harley on my trailer away! Supports it properly while I get off to secure it. I'm able to remove the assembly and use the trailer without it intruding, very happy I made the purchase at the Americade. Many thanks again.
Peter Adely




I just took my Condor Trailer Stop/Pit Stop out of the box. I had considered the competing brand because of the price alone. As I was putting it together I was amazed at the workmanship,and was so glad I had decided to bite the price and go for quality/performance. Thank you for your superior product.
Doit L. Koppler
New Milton, WV.



I purchased one of your wheel chalks for my bike trailer at the International Bike Show in Chicago.The following weekend my boyfriend and I hauled his almost new Harley Davidson Lowrider to Gadsden, Alabama.We incountered snow in Kentucky and Tennessee, Alabama had black ice and I-65 was a mess we proceeded on a less traveled road to Gadsden. Twenty-one miles out on a bridge we lost control due to black ice struck the guard rail then went down a very steep bank appoaching 70 degrees did not roll and landed several yards in a swampy area. It took two hours to remove the truck and trailer. Oddly enough the Condor wheek chalk held the bike and no danage come to the bike. My truck encountered several thousand dollars woth of damage. We also were unscrathed. We can not thank you enough for designing such a wonderful product. It is so easy for me to load my bike by myself not to mention the stability the chalk offers during hauling. Keep up the great work!!! If I can in any way help promote this product please let me know I will never haul a bike with out a Condor Wheel Chalk.
Diane Oshlo



I have been biking for 30 years,and have enjoyed about every minute of it,the Condor Pit Stop has added to the enjoyment by making me feel my bike ia as secure as I can make it,thanks to ypu.Load it,and go with ne worries, thanks again for an awesome product.
Nick Thomas
Boulder City, Nevada



I emailed an order for a garage model Condor on 10 October. After seeing a friends I just had to have one. I called on the 12th to see if it had been shipped and I was informed that it took about 10-15 days to process and send out an order. I told the nice lady with whom I was speaking that I was sunk as I needed it by the 17th to go to Daytona. She asked where I was located and then informed me I was 3 days away by UPS and they would ship it out right away. It arrived in 3 shipping days as promised, just in time for Daytona. Thanks for the great product and even greater service.
Joe Howell


I received the Condor Pit Stop a few days ago.I have it mounted in my trailer already. I must commend you on the quality of this piece. This is the second one I have and everyone that sees it comments on the quality of this wheel chock. I bought the first up at Americade last year and love it. It comes out of the trailer in the winter and goes in my garage to hold my Gold Wing during the winter. Thank You.
Bob Ferreira


April 2004 I bought your SP1500 while at the Laughlin River Run to put in my toy hauler. While on vacation in Auguest I had a blow out on the trailer I was impressed with this product because when I opened the door my 99 Valkyrie was leaning on about a 45 degree angle let me tell you I was and still am very impressed with your product, the best money I ever spent.
Rod Whittier


I want to let you know how satisfied I am with your product. I purchased it at the Honda Hoot 3 years ago and it still serves my 1800VTX. Quality is important and your product is a perfect example.
Tom Heisler
Mason, Ohio



I recently purchased a new Pit Stop/Trailer Stop wheel support to assist in transportation of my 2007 Harley Davidson. Kindly keep me advised of any updates or improvements for this impressive system.
Joseph C. Indiero
Bonita Springs,FL.



Teffy: Thank you so much for the prompt reply - great customer service!! I WILL read and follow the intructions. Again, thanks Jim



Just wanted to say thank you for a fine product.I recently towed my motorcycle on my "trailer in a bag" and after a few miles I made a safety stop just to check if everything was OK. Upon checking the strap I discovered the left front tie down was just hanging there swinging in the breeze. If it weren't for the stabilization provided by your Condor Simple Chock my Road King would most likely have ended up failing right off the trailer. But the bike was tightly in the grip of the Condor. Thanks for saving me several dollars. Sincerely,
Mark Kather


I think your product for towing motorcycles with out destroying them is great. Michael Austin Bridgeton, NJ.

I received the new strap yesterday in the mail. Thank you so much for taking care of a very happy customer.Excellent customer service from a great company, that makes a top notch product.I wish this kind of service were the norm rather than the exception with all companies. Thanks you again Houston Distribution Center General Operations Manager Dieter Meyer